The ABCs of FEBC

We the members and friends of FEBC,

an American Baptist Church

in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, 

strive and aspire to . . .

Advance conversation and understanding

Be faithful by bearing burdens together

Create connections in all directions

Discover and develop unexpressed gifts and abilities among us

Embrace differences

Focus faith forward

Give good generously

Humble our heads and our hearts

Inspire courageous imitation of Christ

Judge no one

Kindle kindness and compassion

Look first within

Make amends quickly

Nurture youth and maturity

Open ourselves honestly to the Holy Spirit

Pray on purpose and persevere

Quest and question for quality

Respect what we do not understand

Surrender and submit to Jesus as Lord and Savior

Teach tenacity and tenderness

Undertake challenges with optimism

Verbalize gratitude and hope

Worship God only

eXamine our motivations honestly

Yearn to learn more

Zealously pursue only what is good.

© Lee Barnhardt, 2018

All Rights Reserved